goodwill update

As I mentioned before, eBay was my original assumed outlet for most of the stuff around the house that I wanted to get rid of. As it turns out, Goodwill was much easier and will actually bring me more return in the end anyway - even if the return is in the form of a tax deduction.

So far, we have donated almost 20 full sized garbage bags and several boxes/large items to Goodwill. I've been documenting everything that we are donating with pictures, taking detailed pictures of each item/set of items to make sure that if there were questions during any potential audit, that I could answer them with proof.

I must say however, that the feeling that we are getting from the process of giving is continuing to be much better than the sum of the potential tax deduction. The lightness of being that comes from being freed from the shackles of things that are no longer needed and the knowledge that we are doing good for those less fortunate is truly great.


  1. Great! I mean I feel great I haven't collected that much Junk! :D Nevertheless, KUDOS for conquering it!!!

  2. Hello. Your 17 day blog was inspirational.

    1. How are you doing today?
    2. Did you finish all of your plans?
    3. What items did you decide were worth selling on eBay?
    4. During the six months since your cleanup have you avoided the old habits?
    5. Where are the before and after pics you mentioned? I would love to see them in the hopes that your situation is similar to ours and they will prove this is doable and maintainable.
    6. Have you found you are entertaining guests in your home more after the cleanup?

    Signed: Tired of a cluttered life

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