That's where it all went!

That bright, shiny future that we were promised. The flying cars and jetpacks, the domed cities and personal robots.

Check out Paleo-Future, an awesome site and a great way to waste time if you have some to spare.

I have to admit. I like the flying cars much better as memories than things to avoid on the way to work.

What do Facebook users invest in?

While playing around in Facebook, I've found a neat tab on the stock application that I have added to my profile. It turns out that you can get a list of what all people who have added the app have chosen as their stock picks.

Of course, there is no indicatin of ownership, watching or short/long position, but the names alone are interesting to know.

Here is an image of the list of "most popular stocks":

I wouldn't use this as any kind of sound investment advice, but since Facebook users are supposed to reflect a slightly more affluent user base you might make this a short list to review.

Heck, they got AAPL right ;-)