Random thoughts:

Taxes are coming.
I need to assemble all my tax information. (you do too)
I have yet to finish cleaning my house.
Some "home"work is required - building a new kitchen on the other house, fixing the countertops in this one, new stairs, deck, etc. Big expenses, but really, really need to get this monkey off my back. We've decided to move into the other house instead of renting it out. It's just become too difficult to take that route.
That being said. I need to figure out what and how this affects on my taxes... Obviously this is a conversion of an investment asset into a personal asset, but what is the value? Or is it a conversion? Can I "live" in investment property?

Oh, and I need to get hold of the plot of the investment property as well. There are way too many bushes, trees and to quote Monty python, "Shrubberies" that need pruning or removing.

Like I said, "Home"work.


This is apparently the part of the movie where the superhero loses his powers and has to fight his way back to his mission. I've had a smll relapse and been spending too much time working and not enough of getting things back in order. As a result, the house is a mess, projects are stacking up and my taxes, which I had honestly hoped to have done by now, are looming larger every day.

I did get a note from someone lately who commented that my blog was about the troubles of the modern day man and that if I keep it up, I might be famous someday.

I wonder if being famous for "getting simple" would feel good?