Official: Microsoft marketers on acid.

This site is apparently used to promote Vista.

When watching, I have flashbacks to college days and talking with people who really don't have a life plan and might pass out from too much drug use while they are in the middle of a sentence.

Not exactly what I needed to hear to convince me to buy Vista.

Just my two cents, but I think this was the conversation that went on at Microsoft that produced this:

Bill: Hey, can we get the "I'm a Mac guy" to promote Vista?

Marketer: I don't think so Bill.

Bill: Ok, how about we draw him and make him sound all stoned so that we look cool. It will really help us capture that "I have no money to buy Vista" market segment.

Marketer: Gosh, that's a really stupid idea Bill. But we can do it for you.

Bill: Thanks.

Marketer: I love getting paid money for this kind of stuff.


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