What Quest?

I've not written a lick about cleaning up any aspect of my life in a while.

My taxes this year sit undone after filing an extension. My house is filled with packed boxes from a move. My list of things I "need to do" is larger than the list of things I've done by so much I can't even fathom the tasks at hand. People have shot horses that are in the kind of shape that I'm in.

To wrap is all up, I work more now than I ever have - Somewhere near 16 hours a day every single day of the work week and a good 6 hours a day on the weekends.

While on the first real day off I've taken in months, this weekend I read a blurb about quests:

"It is not a quest if it does not take your life to accomplish."

It was then that I realized that my quest to simplify my life is over and a new one had taken it's place.

Work is taking my life.

Work must apparently be my quest.

This is pretty effed up.




Haiku 2

Look out, Speeding train!
It is heading right for you!
Sad you won't listen :-(