Sarah Palin translated

Personally, I had no knowledge that oil was a fungible commodity where they don't flag the "molecules" where it's goin' and where it's not.

Additionally, now that I know that "in the sense of the congress today, who know that there are very very hungry domestic markets, that need that oil first." and that Sarah Palin believes "that what congress is going to do also is not to allow the export bans to such a degree that it's Americans that get stuck holding the bag without the energy source that is produced here and pumped here."


What the eff did that mean?

I'll try and translate. Please keep in mind, that I'm probably going to be somewhat incorrect since I will have to take liberties to make her sound intelligible.

Scrap that... I've listened again. I'm going to have to "channel", there is no English translation:

(I'm assuming that she didn't really mean "molecules", but that she has heard and understands what "fungible" means)

"US produced oil is an easy to trade commodity that gets shipped to a lot of different places. both in and out of our country. Some of the oil produced in the US is actually exported outside our borders to other countries. As a result, since we also use oil, we end up having to find oil that we must use from other sources to replace the oil that we have exported.

I suggest that we make sure that we have some oversight into the amounts of oil that we allow to be exported so that we have maximum benefit from our own natural resources first."

That being said. (Assuming that I'm right) I still can't make out the benefit she is proposing.

Potentially, she could be saying that we could save some money by not selling and buying back amounts of oil... but really, it's a commodity. we'll both pay and receive what the oil is worth, it's probable that we would make money, not lose it.

She could be talking about ready availability. we'll have more oil readily available in the upper western states who receive oil from Alaska since other regions get oil pumped in from other sources. (hence my gas shortage here in GA, while you in California are probably setting gas cans on fire just to spite my inability to drive.)

But since we produce so little oil, both of those would probably have little effect.

Anybody have any idea what she is saying?

End of the world

Well then.

That hurt.

I'm tired of the government trying to save me by voting no. It hurts too much.

Screw buying gold. I'm buying canned goods, ammunition, gasoline and water.

The next five years of our lives are going to suck.

Worst gas line ever

Look at this lady waiting in line for gas. And before you call me an ass, I did invite her to wait in my car.

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Palin is dim-witted and unprepared

I get stage fright. I understand being tongue tied. But I can't accept the vacuous and entirely dim witted farce of a candidate that is being perpetrated on the American people. Palin has to be the most under prepared, unqualified attempt at a VP that the world has ever seen.

In this video, she's defending her reasoning behind the claim that being a neighbor to Russia and Canada qualifies as foreign policy experience. This is an embarrassment to our country.

I dare McCain to actually put her into a fair debate.

Personally I think she has cause to sue McCain after this is over. Nobody should be made to look this foolish.

I long for the days of Dan Quail when Veep candidates didn't look so inept.

A thought about the "bailout"

Ok, I hear that there are a lot of people that are against the bailout. They think that somehow, 700 Billion dollars will have to be taken directly out of their pockets. I'll admit, on the surface I have these same feelings. I have a lot of anger about having to go through this at all.

But let's face it. If this fails to go through, you, I and every other American will be much worse off than if it passes. This deal has to pass. A solution has to be implemented.

1. Do you want to buy a new or different house? You won't get it unless this passes. I don't care what you think you can afford.

2. Do you want a new car? no luck with a balance sheet like yours, you'll need a credit score in the 700's to afford that.

3. Have credit cards? Get ready for the big recall and cancel because you are not a good enough risk unless you can prove that you don't need the money and won't ever use it.

4. Like your job? Companies won't get credit easily either and unless your boss is sitting on a huge pile of cash, you may not have that job much longer.

5. Cash is king. If you have it, you can spend it. If you don't, you'll have to learn to do without. This won't be too hard for you if you fondly remember college life and Ramen noodles.

In other words, unless wall street gets some "charity" main street will likely get a first hand lesson in exactly how tightly integrated wall street and main street really are.

The value of stocks.

Doing a quick bit of reading/surfing and thought I would share this page that I found on the value of stocks, which in this period of depressed valuations, might allow you to profit.

Good luck.


This woman is by far the scariest thing that I've seen in the last ten years of my life. That there are more of her out there scares me even more.

Star Wars Muppet Special

much better than the debates...

Welcome to 1973

Last weekend, we wandered around looking for gas. Almost all stations were sold out. The one station that had gas had a line, which we waited in before filling up. We will have to do the same thing this weekend. The lines will be there, they get longer every day.

Gas stations in Georgia are surrounded by cars that devour every bit of what they have in minutes. Gas trucks are like pied pipers leading a line of cars to some station awaiting a fill up.

It's amazing.

The stock market is in shambles, the economy sucks and hopes are grim. (Sharp contrast to just a few months ago when everything was rosy)

Things are so bad that Warren buffet is buying. Inflation is as high as it was then (even though they are better at hiding it now) and will get even worse going forward. Our president is a republican ass capable of mass destruction on a scale that will be regarded as historic. We have hope and idiocy in the upcoming presidential race and Iran and Russia are really pissed at us.

Hair styles are shaggy, shirts are patterned, plaids and funk are in. (I've seen some really big "afros" out there) BIG round sunglasses are on all the cool faces.

All the import car manufacturers have tiny, fuel efficient cars and all the American car manufacturers have gigantic musclecars. Chevy is just now releasing a new big-block Camaro with promises of small efficient cars "in a couple of years", almost every car on the road today weighs more than two cars from 1979 and takes twice as much gas to run. In terms of autos, we are on par with the early 70's in every way.

Walt Disney could not make a better "re-live the 70's" alternate reality ride than the one we are in now. The similarities are eerie.

Personally, I loved the seventies. I wore cowboy boots with spurs, strapped my guns on my belt and wore my ten gallon hat everywhere I went. I got to play with toys all day and never had to work.

And while, to a certain degree I'm loving the nostalgia of this time warp, I hope that the acid wears off soon. I'd really like this "trip" to be over.

I just hope that it doesn't take me back through the 80's on the way home.

Too late...

Crash Manufactured?

So, one thing that has been worrying me lately is that it's been about a year since this thing officially started.

During that time, the "economy" has done very well. People bought stuff, they took vacations and spent money on frivolous things. A lot of money on frivolous things. People have lived "paycheck to paycheck" but that still allowed them to get by and spend while doing so. Some collapsed in bankruptcy, but many more just kept going.

My thought is this: If nobody talked about a "recession" would this one have come about? If the word "depression" was never uttered on CNBC would investors have pulled their money out?

Sad times none the less.

Good luck all.


I've made a goode amount of money this past year on Mastercard stock. I've also lost a good deal of that gain the last two months with Mastercard options. But I have to tell you, this video really captures the moment.

I just realized I'm pissed off

And it's probably at you or someone that you know.

I have spent my whole life working to make sure that I pay my bills. If I get myself in debt, I PAY IT OFF.

I do not:

1. Buy a house that I cannot afford
2. Buy a second house that I really can't afford
3. Buy a big screen TV, vacations, new clothes or any other daily needs on credit
4. Buy a car that costs as much as some people's homes
5. Spend more than I make

There is a lot more that I don't do, but you get the idea. I've lived pretty much like a monk for the last few years, building for the future:

1. Spending far less than what I make
2. Driving a cheap used car that is completely paid off
3. Living in a house that I CAN AFFORD
4. Paying off any debt that I incur immediately after I incur it
5. Paying more into my mortgage than I owe every month

And of course, there is more there as well. But again, you get the idea.

So I decided that I should be pretty pissed. Because you, or someone you know decided that it was ok to party, take risks and not have to pay the bill.

Guess what. I'm going to have to pay that bill. In higher taxes. In lower value of my stocks. In lower value of my saved dollars. In lower value of my paid down house.

I'm going to have to subsidize the existence of some very lazy americans with some exceptionally messed up values.


Thanks a lot.

But, I have to tell you. I'll get the last laugh eventually.

I'm one of a very few people left that can get a loan for almost any house I want. I can go buy Big screen TV's, vacations and really nice cars for cash. I will survive in a world where most cannot and I'll thrive in a world without free flowing credit.

Will you?

On Panic in the market

Yesterday was truly stunning to watch. During the last two panics, I did not have a window into the stock market. All my trading was done via broker and my understanding of how hard I was being hit was limited to monthly statements.

Being able to watch this panic (albeit, while I was working) was an awesome sight. Watching nearly every company that I had in my list drop by 5% to 25% or more in a matter of a minute was humbling. Watching it climb was amazing and having almost everything end very green felt like winning the lottery despite being down big for the week.

Of course, the next couple days might be the biggest short squeeze that the world has seen in a while. I cannot fathom the fear that short sellers are feeling right now. Well... Actually I can, it's probably pretty close to what I have been feeling for the last few weeks. I've been trying hard not to panic, but the fear has been as big a part of me as it ever has.

I believe in the market and I believe in this country, but we have been on our way to an ugly place much worse that people have a grasp of. I only hope that this malaise gets a shot in the arm with the action happening now.

People, real people are riding on this. There are those who think that Wall street only affects fat cats and bankers. The truth is that it affects small mom and pops much more. The bankers and fat cats know how to maneuver around these markets. Even the CEO's of the companies that massively failed walked away with more money than I'll ever have in my life. But average investors get chewed up and take their money out of the market in times like this, literally selling at the worst possible time.

The next year is going to be a momentous time. We will either crash massively as a country, an economy and a market or we'll see the bottom of the hill and start a climb back up. My hope is for the latter.

Good luck all.

Team 1 or Team 2

I have to spread this. It;s a very unique way to look at the problem at hand. I'd like to see this sort of comparison done with all aspects of these two teams. It would be great to see a list of policies, beliefs and supporters.

Original link here

Don't Panic

Just a small reminder to myself and all my friends. In the face of danger... Do not, under an circumstances, Panic.

Remain calm, walk in an orderly manner towards the exits if you feel compelled to leave. For those of you staying on to watch the end of the universe, please have a seat at the table of your choice.

Good luck everyone!