Sadly, I qualify to save the earth.

Probably not going to mean much to those reading who are a bit younger than myself. but this is what I was always thinking while I was playing video games... you know, the ones where the graphics were not lifelike and actually required some kind of imagination to see the aliens.

If I had invested all the quarters that I spent on Microsoft stock, I'd be a millionaire right now.

I'm serious.

Gasp... July update.

So far so good. We've been focused on some pretty big things at work... really trying to move the needle in a significant way. For once, I really think that there is a very good opportunity to (again) get some truly worldwide recognition - this time for a pretty simple idea that my team and I had about a year ago that could(should) be very, very big.

(very long time coming - all of which I'll explain when I get this muzzle removed.)

Of course, the last push on this project has been less than helpful to the progress of my mission to clean up my life. I have been moving forward, but have hit nowhere near the milestones that I was hitting late last year - I hope to get back to that kind of focus again soon. Additionally, one of the items that I really was trying to "fix" was my ridiculous propensity for working myself into the grave - funny how easy that was to sink back into.

On to life outside the office... Work has started again on the new house - getting the last bits ready so that It could be occupied. While rental income over the last year would have been nice, there has been no way that I could rent the house out in the condition that it was. As it stands now, we are thinking that we'll just move in to the other house and continue the development while we are there. That way at least I can rent this house out and reduce the monthly drain. Downside to this is that I'll probably have a taxable event that i'll have to figure out... drat.

One bit of very good news: I'm finally debt free with the exception of house payments. I've been eating at my savings over the last three years due to the last start up that i worked at... Long story short, (my old boss, who shall remain nameless) had promised the world if only I would only work for a much lower salary than I was worth. Did anyone get the world? Yea... just not the people who earned it, and certainly not me. Of course, there were promises of great wealth, but in the end I made much less than I spent to live and I've had to rebuild that base over the last year.



Feels good.

Very good.

So, next things on the agenda will be huge... largely because if we do move from one house to the other, we'll have to get rid of a lot of the remaining "junk" that sits in the garage, the house, etc. I'm even thinking about losing some things that I really love (but NEVER use). Namely, one or both of my motorcycles. I really do enjoy them, but it's a crime that they sit while I work and when the weekend comes, I'm too tired/busy to ride anyway. Take the money that I could get from a sale and throw that into the right stocks and I could be a lot farther ahead in a very short time.

One last note.

I have an idea (patent applied for) for a great diet. I don't think that this will be unhealthy and I'm sure that it would be nutritious enough, affordable and most importantly, easy to remember.

I get $5 a day to spend however I like on food that I get outside the house. I can buy and eat anything that I like - until noon. After noon, regardless of the meal, I get to eat only soup. I can stock up on soup to eat at home.

I should be able to cut costs, remember to implement a simple plan and stay healthy at the same time. keeping in mind that I never eat lunch prior to 12:00, this means soup for a majority of the day. This is great because soup is usually two to three hundred calories per serving and is almost always good for you. Also, having no limits on what I can eat means it's easy to find a meal, but with only five dollars to spend per day, I'll likely not be able to stuff myself.