Poignant Discovery

So... while cleaning this weekend, Sue uncovers a copy of Simplify Your Life : 100 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy the Things That Really Matter (the link goes to the Amazon product page)

While neither Sue nor I have read this book before, a quick glance through the book reveals that the things that I've been planning to work through are already outlined (for the most part) in a book that already resides on our shelves. This is a Best selling book written on the subject that this blog is mostly about. Very odd coincidence I think - Not that the book exists, but that we own it and have apparently been waiting for just the right time to rediscover it at the time in our lives when it would be most useful.

The most interesting things is that the order in which we started "simplifying" our life was the order that the book introduced them as well. I wonder if there is some universally understood truth behind this?

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