I'm moving

If this video is an indication, The movie "Idiocracy" is closer to real life than I thought. I have to be honest, I think it's time to flee the country.

In the event that you have not seen Idiocracy, here is the introduction video that pretty much explains what is happening in the above video.

The world is becoming a very scary place.

Music Widget?

As children, we watch educational programs on how business works and learn that making "Widgets" is what you will do as a job when you are an adult.

I didn't think they were serious.

I thought that "Widget" was just some placeholder name for another product, like "cars" or "ice cream" or even my dream job making comic books or movies. But alas, the joke is on me. Essentially, I actually do make widgets for a living.

The strangeness of saying this is really kind of funny what you think of it. In fact, I think some of those old business shows used the name "Don" as in, "Don has to sell four widgets today. If Don sells five widgets instead of four, how much more profit will he have?"*

All laughs aside, and because I know that some of you who stop by to read this little blog also sell widgets for a living, I wanted to share this with you.

I found this album on iTunes named "Widget" by the Reverburritos. If you like surf instrumentals, this one will surely make your day. Click here to visit the iTunes store for a listen, it's actually really, really good.

UPDATE: I had to add this. Just too funny. Proves my point to a "T"


* You really need more information to answer this.