Only ankle deep and yet...

It seems like it is taking forever to get through the first room.

We started cleaning in the bedroom. The thinking was that it is the highest room in the house, the farthest north, etc… Well, ok... We chose it randomly.

But, it was a good choice.

This room has not always been the bedroom. In fact, it has served as my office/storeroom for most of the last five years. Furthermore, for three of those five, my life and work have been so tightly integrated that I've literally been sleeping in my office.

There are at least 7 computers, three monitors, two full closets of junk and one rather large desk covered with everything you need to conduct business taking up far too much space where an otherwise perfectly good living space should be. Cleaning it up will be difficult, but certainly necessary.

Now is probably a good time to give you a little background history so I don't look like some kind of work-addicted freak.

I'm one of those Internet entrepreneurs that you have read about. It is even slightly possible that you have read "specifically" about me, I've been in a small stack of magazines and books on one topic or another ranging from type to interface design, though the likelihood of your having prior knowledge of my existence is minimal.

As comes with this kind of territory, I've always been a hard worker when I’ve chosen to work. I’ve also always been one to gravitate towards an entrepreneurial “opportunity.” When I come across one.

Three years ago, I signed on as Chief Creative Officer with a company called Sidereus Technology and have been putting in somewhere around 16 hours a day on average for the last three years in order to help build the company's technology and serve the clients that we've had. Furthermore, two years ago, I brought my girlfriend Sue to work for them as well. With both of us in the same company, we worked around the clock in hopes of things paying off big.

They say that life is what happens while you are busy doing other things - I say that life is what passes you by when you are working in the internets.

So, like I said… the room has some “stuff“ in it – Three solid years of stuff that we have just been too busy to sort through or clean.

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