Not the kind that come from outer space... the kind that come from Omaha, Nebraska. My sister and nephew came down this past few days and we had a great time. I had her down so that we could work on some details for a family business that we have, but also just to visit and spend time together. It was great to see them.

In the process, I've learned a couple things. First, it's much easier to have a clean house if there are not a lot of things in it. Second, sometimes the best tips in life come from the movies. (a tip in itself that sort of came from "grand canyon", a movie) - The tip I'm referring to is about toys, and I got this from the Great movie "Toy Story" made by one of my favorite companies, Pixar. In toy story, the toys have an innate fear of not being played with.

My nephew played with the toys that I've saved since childhood - saved mostly because my mom saved them and they wandered down here when she passed away - but also saved because they might be valuable (star wars toys, micronauts, all manner of other collectable and fun things.)

These toys might bring in a combined value of a thousand bucks if I slaved over selling them on eBay. If they were in great shape.

The truth is, when I looked at these items it was obvious they needed playing with. They still have value, but I think the value of giving them to a boy to play with is far greater than that of a few dollars for a good deal of effort.

Of course, I may keep luke's landspeeder.

Update: Just for fun I've added this google video of a couple minutes of fun had while cleaning... silly I know.

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