Hard times

I feel almost guilty writing this. I've had so much good fortune over the course of my life. Most of it undeserved. There are countless thousands who don't have even the modest means to buy a meal that I might take for granted on a random tuesday night. People who count pennies and plan where each one goes.

I've not been careful about how I spend lately. I spend willy-nilly...

As the months go by, I hope to get this under control. If you have a suggestion on what I should do to get things under control, let me know by posting a reply to this message. Currently, I use Quicken - but I've got to be honest, I'm way too lazy to spend time entering checks, detailing expenses, etc. I'm looking for a method or way that I can follow a set of rules and thus almost automatically control the spending.

First thoughts might be:

1. Limit myself to a certain amount, say $100.00 a week. I can spend it anywhere I want, but I don't get more until sunday and I don't carry my cash card.

2. Get a "petty cash credit card" with a low limit and only use that card.

3. Limit the size of item that I can buy, say 10.00 only... including food purchases, etc.

4. Ask "do I need this" prior to every purchase and force myself to look at some guilt inducing picture if I say yes. ;-)

5. Only allow a purchase if I go back for it on a second trip. (no impulse buys)

6. only purchase online so that I can easily track from one place.

Again, I'll welcome any suggestions that you have.