How to remove Spymaster from your Twitter account

In case you are not aware, there is a game that has taken off in Twitter called "Spymaster" It's a game along the lines of the Mobsters type games on Facebook, but it happens on your Twitter account. It's fun, but only until you realize that you have been spamming your Twitter account with messages from the game. :-(

Many Twitter users are dropping friends who have this app installed because they can't stand the spam it's shooting out anymore and have no way to stop the messages. The game gives you access to remove notices, but many are just removing anyone that tweets from the game.

If you have not tried the game, you probably have nothing to worry about except some unwanted "I shot so and so" messages. But if you have played the game, why not drop the game instead of having your followers drop you?

Of course, since the makers of the game don't make it immediately clear how to do so I've outlined the (very easy) steps required below. Fortunately, the makers of the game used the official oAuth connections so removing the game is easy and does not even require resetting the password on your account. It does not appear that you will lose your game progress, but I'd assume that it's possible and even probable that you will, so proceed at your own risk. Of course, if you are here reading this, that probably isn't your main concern.

Step 1: (click on any image for a larger size) Select the "settings" link on the top of your Twitter page.

Step 2: Select the "Connections" tab after the settings page loads.

Step 3: Find Spymaster in the list and select the "revoke access" link.

If you do not see Spymaster in this list, then you most likely have never installed Spymaster and should have nothing to worry about. If you know that you have installed Spymaster and do not see it in this list, please send me a DM.

That is it. You are now less likely to have your account dropped by followers. You'll still get the spam sent by other users who still have the app installed, so your DM feed is screwed unless you drop anyone with the game installed, but at least you won't be spreading the spam yourself.

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Update 7/14/09

I received a DM on Twitter that indicated this did not work for one person. After reviewing the process, I find that it does still work, these are still the correct steps for removing Spymaster's access to your account. If you have never "installed" Spymaster, then you won't be able to follow these steps and you have nothing to worry about.

Keep in mind that this process is not designed to remove *all* Spymaster activity from your account, just the access it has to send messages from your account automatically.

Your friends that still use Spymaster will still be sending out messages which you will continue to receive. Unfortunately, the only way to solve that problem is to stop following those users or send them a DM and educate them on how annoying the game can be.