Progress is good

Tonight, I've gone through the last if the boxes in the Office/newly minted bedroom. I've kept more than I thought I would based on size alone, but overall, I've probably thrown out or plan to ebay/donate more than I've kept, so I feel pretty good.

Of course, there is still a lot of work to do in this room. The ebay pile has to go online this weekend to test the theory that ebay will be worthwhile for getting rid of stuff.

I also have to go through some of the boxes that I've put off until later (some three hundred discs that I chose not to individually load at this time ;-) and a huge box of photos. The photos will be fun, they range from my grandparents to old girlfriends to childhood friends. My hope is that someday, I'll be able to digitize all of these photos so that they can join the rest of my photos in my iPhoto library.

Does anyone know a good service that would do this automatically? This has to exist somewhere.

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