Suddenly, SNL is relevant again.

Believe it or not, Saturday Night live has come back on the radar. It seems that everywhere you look, there is a clip or link or comment about something political. The amazing thing I just noticed is that they all seem to be from SNL.

Aside from the first season DVD's that we picked up, I haven't watched much SNL for about fifteen years. I think that my viewing time over those fifteen years can probably be counted in minutes, certainly less than a couple of hours.

But now, with this great commentary on very relevant topics, I think that John Stewart and Steven Colbert have some real competition for the crown.

This clip shows the bailout bill announcement in a hilarious and yet, very poignant way. While there is some banter around blaming republicans and democrats, in the end of the clip the people who I think are real culprits get lampooned as well.

Congrats SNL.

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