New Macbook Pro

I do wish they had announced the 17 inch. I was hoping to move to a larger screen resolution.

But I need a new computer so bad that I had to make the leap. I'm tired of the little spinning beach ball.

I have to say, this computer that I'm using now has been a champ. Back when I was freelancing full time, I would upgrade almost every six months. In contrast, the Macbook Pro that I'm on now, a first gen 15 inch, has lasted almost 3 years. Phenomenal in computer years, but definitely starting to show it's age.

In a few short days, I'll be typing on the beauty pictured here. I ended up grabbing the top of the line with all kinds of upgrades. It will be an awesome machine and I'm looking forward to feeling cutting edge again.

I'm still going to put OS X on my Wind though. Maybe this weekend.

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