Does Palin read at all?

(I'm temporarily changing the name of this blog to "All about Palin"

If you listen carefully, you'll find that Sarah Palin can't name a single News source or magazine that she has ever read.

I love the way that Couric does her questioning.

Couric: "What newspapers did you read prior to your being called upon by McCain?"
(insert non-answer from Palin)

Couric: "Could you name any of the newspapers that you read?"
(Insert second non-answer by Palin)

Couric: "Can you name even one of the newspapers that you read?"
(Palin does not answer, and changes subject to defend how Alaska is not filled with shut ins)

Dear reader, how many newspapers can you name?

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  1. My favorite moment is at 35 seconds in, when Couric blanches in disgust at what Palin is saying.