Welcome to 1973

Last weekend, we wandered around looking for gas. Almost all stations were sold out. The one station that had gas had a line, which we waited in before filling up. We will have to do the same thing this weekend. The lines will be there, they get longer every day.

Gas stations in Georgia are surrounded by cars that devour every bit of what they have in minutes. Gas trucks are like pied pipers leading a line of cars to some station awaiting a fill up.

It's amazing.

The stock market is in shambles, the economy sucks and hopes are grim. (Sharp contrast to just a few months ago when everything was rosy)

Things are so bad that Warren buffet is buying. Inflation is as high as it was then (even though they are better at hiding it now) and will get even worse going forward. Our president is a republican ass capable of mass destruction on a scale that will be regarded as historic. We have hope and idiocy in the upcoming presidential race and Iran and Russia are really pissed at us.

Hair styles are shaggy, shirts are patterned, plaids and funk are in. (I've seen some really big "afros" out there) BIG round sunglasses are on all the cool faces.

All the import car manufacturers have tiny, fuel efficient cars and all the American car manufacturers have gigantic musclecars. Chevy is just now releasing a new big-block Camaro with promises of small efficient cars "in a couple of years", almost every car on the road today weighs more than two cars from 1979 and takes twice as much gas to run. In terms of autos, we are on par with the early 70's in every way.

Walt Disney could not make a better "re-live the 70's" alternate reality ride than the one we are in now. The similarities are eerie.

Personally, I loved the seventies. I wore cowboy boots with spurs, strapped my guns on my belt and wore my ten gallon hat everywhere I went. I got to play with toys all day and never had to work.

And while, to a certain degree I'm loving the nostalgia of this time warp, I hope that the acid wears off soon. I'd really like this "trip" to be over.

I just hope that it doesn't take me back through the 80's on the way home.

Too late...

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