I just realized I'm pissed off

And it's probably at you or someone that you know.

I have spent my whole life working to make sure that I pay my bills. If I get myself in debt, I PAY IT OFF.

I do not:

1. Buy a house that I cannot afford
2. Buy a second house that I really can't afford
3. Buy a big screen TV, vacations, new clothes or any other daily needs on credit
4. Buy a car that costs as much as some people's homes
5. Spend more than I make

There is a lot more that I don't do, but you get the idea. I've lived pretty much like a monk for the last few years, building for the future:

1. Spending far less than what I make
2. Driving a cheap used car that is completely paid off
3. Living in a house that I CAN AFFORD
4. Paying off any debt that I incur immediately after I incur it
5. Paying more into my mortgage than I owe every month

And of course, there is more there as well. But again, you get the idea.

So I decided that I should be pretty pissed. Because you, or someone you know decided that it was ok to party, take risks and not have to pay the bill.

Guess what. I'm going to have to pay that bill. In higher taxes. In lower value of my stocks. In lower value of my saved dollars. In lower value of my paid down house.

I'm going to have to subsidize the existence of some very lazy americans with some exceptionally messed up values.


Thanks a lot.

But, I have to tell you. I'll get the last laugh eventually.

I'm one of a very few people left that can get a loan for almost any house I want. I can go buy Big screen TV's, vacations and really nice cars for cash. I will survive in a world where most cannot and I'll thrive in a world without free flowing credit.

Will you?

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