March Madness with Stocks

This time of year, everyone is mad for march madness, a gathering of many teams in a bracketed playoff that gets sports fans of all types excited about who is winning the games and the office pool.

While I'll probably not watch any of the action on the courts, I would like to point out a similar, but much more profitable version of march madness. Motley Fool has brought back their March Stock Madness. A couple of years ago, I really enjoyed this series of articles and got a lot of investment advice from reading the pairings of companies, as well as a bit of a smile when "my" companies won a bracket.

The game seems to change a bit every year they hold it, with this year having the "divisions" being labeled by investor (Buffet, etc.) Which is an interesting concept.

I still hold some of the stocks that I purchased during the first time that I read this series, and some of them are back again this year.

If you are a sports fan, I hope that you have fun with March Madness. I have to be honest though, Stock Madness has made me a bit more money and helped to get me into stocks in the first place. If you are teetering on the edge about investing, this might be a good place for you to start. I find the the good natured ribbing and back and forth really help to make the dry financial comparisons into a game that can be fun to follow.

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