7.5 Minutes of Spiderman 3

I'm so looking forward to this movie.

By the way. If you are not an investor in Marvel (MVL). Now is a good time to consider it. They are moving from small stakes to big stakes and the potential can be huge. While they license Spiderman to Sony, next year, Iron Man and others are going to be produced solely by Marvel. This means that their upside will be much, much bigger. But with great reward, comes great risk - They will also stand to lose much more if a film tanks.

Additionally, as with any good superhero story there is a possibility that there are evil forces around (aka in this story as "lawsuits") There is a lot of focus right now about who owns some of the mission critical IP Marvel or another company. If it turns out to be that Marvel does not own this... well, let's just say that would be bad.

If we get past this rough patch, it's going to be a very smooth ride up. (knock on Wood) While Superman is a DC character and not owned by Marvel, his old tv tagline of "Up, up and away" is probably a good indication of where this could go.

Marvel and the Ah Alli Group also just announced a new theme park in Dubai (the new Hollywood in terms of the cool place to have a destination park) This opens up a whole new set of possibilities in terms of income as well. Personally, I'm looking for a lot of new revenue potential coming on from new ventures like this and the new film investments that will go straight to the bottom line.


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