I don't care if its an ad, its addictive

A while back I posted a link for a car that drove on physics, all of that was automatic. The car would evolve over time and keep hammering through the versions until it could drive the furthest.

This ad does pretty much the same thing, but there is no automated evolution, you are responsible for making any needed changes to drive farther. The goal is to deliver as many coconuts in the shortest time possible as you can. Once you start you really can't stop.

Bravo to whoever thought this up. It's a heck of a time killer and one of the few ads that I've ever bookmarked and the first that I have ever blogged about.

By the way, my best time was 15 seconds with all 15 coconuts in tow. For proof, I've stuck in a screen shot. :-)

Play for yourself here, can you beat my score?

Update (2/24/09)
Best score update, I beat my own high score. I have no life :-P

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