Forclosing Hitler, are you Hitler?

Here is a litmus test for you.

Watch this video. If at any time you say "I can understand why he did that, I did that too" then this entire housing collapse if your fault and I'm pissed at you. Guess what, the rest of America and the world is also pissed at you too.

Here is a plan for those of you stuck in this situation:

1. Sell everything that you have, immediately. Go to eBay, go have a garage sale, call friends that were not as foolish and sell everything that you own. Keep anything sentimental, but lose everything else. The big screen, the expensive car, the toys, everything.

2. If you cannot pay off all your bills and debts with this cash, hide the money. Put the cash in a box in your closet. If you put it in a bank, it may be taken by the courts when you do what I'm recommending next. If you can, jusp to step five, you are not doing too badly.

3. Declare bankruptcy. I know. Not an honorable thing to do. But it will give you the chance to fight another day.

4. Get a tattoo in a place where you can read it every day, perhaps your forearm or in reverse on your chest. The tattoo should state in plain English everything that you did wrong and include at the end a promise with your signature that you should never do it again.

5. Look at that tattoo every day and live within your means for the rest of your life. (This is the most important step.)

6. If you happen to become rich or do well enough to have extra money you should pay back the debts that were forgiven during your bankruptcy. Probably you will not be able to pay back the people you directly wronged, but you can try. If you can't pay debts back directly, donate the money to a worthy charity.

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