Vote for Ron Paul.

If I can't have Gore, then I'll just have to take my constitution back.


  1. What about Obama? Honestly he's loads better than Ron Paul. Seriously, I live right outside Ron Paul's district and sure he's different, but he is also against some things that I think are good for America, like public schools.

    Nice blog by the way Don.


  2. He is not against public schools. He is against the Federal government managing public schools. The Fed always mismanages things, and having them in charge of something that should be local is not very smart.

  3. I think that the thing that really sets Paul apart is his belief in the Constitution.

    I nearly called him names when I heard that he was the only vote against giving Rosa Parks the Congressional Medal of Honor. But then I found out that it was not because she didn't deserve it... He suggested that all the members of congress should "chip in" and give her the medal, but not charge the American Tax payer for it.

    The constitution is the greatest document our country has produced. The federal givernment has effectively torn it to shreds.

    It's time that we rebuild some of the ideals that are represented within it.

    Public schools are great, each state, city or county government should decide to pay for them individually. The federal government should not be involved.

    Paul is a radical, but he is probably our best hope to get control of this country again.