Broken iPhone

It had to happen.

I smashed my iPhone.

I don't believe in putting the iPhone in a case, I think that it diminishes the feel of the device. I simiply enjoy the sleek small feel of the phone au naturale. Adding a case, no matter how thin or small just makes the iPhone bulky and doesn't feel right.

More pictures and a video below

Of course, without a case, the iPhone is a slippery device. as hard to hold as it is beautiful. I've dropped it about a half dozen times, including once on a tile floor from about chest-pocket height. Recently, I picked it up after a short fall to the floor of my car and the screen was completely shattered. Even though the fall was only about a foot and the floor of the car in my Honda Element is reasonably soft, it was just one fall to many.

The amazing thing is that even though the screen shattered like safety glass, it's still usable. While I do have some hesitation about sliding my finger over broken glass, it's works just fine. Even the recessed area with the brass button (the home button) still works!




  1. wow dude youre such a liar. theres no way youre iphone can scratch in a pattern that yours has. if you look closely at the video when the light shines on the iphone it looks as though if it is covered in some type of film or saran wrap. i think you just peut som cover over the actual screen and crumpled it up or somethin g, took the home button off yourself, and are trying to make a quick buck out of the good people in the world.

  2. Hey anonymous! Mine cracked in much the same way. Why don't you test it on your iPhone?

  3. It's a real break. I can take more pictures or upload them in higher definition if you like.

    Just look at the broken button area.

    And if I've faked this... I really have a future in film!



  4. Of course it's a real break. It's cracked in exactly the same way that all 'safety' glass cracks in. You can tell the impact was on the bottom left corner. If Don wants to whack it a bit more :) you'll see the pieces that fall out are (relatively) smooth edged. It so annoying that anytime someone posts something interesting on the internet, a bunch of (idiots/kids/self-proclaimed-experts) jumps in and starts calling it fake and laughing at everyone else's 'gullibility'. It's like some sort of juvenile dick waving competition. If these morons had a bit more life experience they'd realize what fools they are making of themselves.

  5. Too bad you didn't buy it with American Express. I did that to my phone and they credited my account the full value of the phone...before rebate. So I made money buying the phone.

  6. You might consider just getting the screen replaced - these guys apparently can do it - found them in a regular old google search:

    I don't know how much said repair would be, but maybe less than a new model??

    Hope that helps and sorry about yuor iPhone. (I drop mine all the time since i keep it between my legs when driving and occasionally it slips onto the floorboard but so far nothing serious happened)


  7. I ended up just buying a new one. Apple really has something with this device. I paid full price for it twice.

    Now the real question is whether I'll pony up for a 3G.

    probably will.

    I've played with all the other smartphones and owned a few, this is the only one that actually delivers on it;s promises.

  8. the impact was on the top right corner acutally... you got fooled by the orientation of the phone! you're so gullible!!!! bwahahahahaha...

  9. The exact same thing happend to mine.But it happend the next day i bought my phone.So i went back to da apple store and dey changed it to a new one (:

  10. dude. before you make a tape to ground your lies, make sure your video doesn't belie you. the reflection on that iphone is scrumptous; a reflection a shattered iphone can't produce. i agree with the (kid/idiot/self proclaimed-expert). why don't you put your home button back on, and start earning some money by doin your job. btw, who drops a phone that many times a week? answer: an idiot who wants scam on who he targets to be idiots; unfortunately some of us aint

  11. Um... "Dude" look at the jagged edges around the missing home button. It amazes me that people think I faked this. Crazy.

  12. Ah, hope it's not too late to respond. I was reading down the comments, of course anonymous is a d-bag, just delete his comment. Then I read the part about ponying up for the 3G and suddenly I checked the dates. I was astonished you managed to break two 2Gs! I still have mine, as I'm sure most of the early adopters do, because it's (freakin') worthless. I finally managed to break it with a drop from a truck seat straight onto pavement. This had happened probably a dozen times prior in the course of its life. Still, that damn screen didn't crack. The power button has been jammed down, and is always pressed, so it resets whenever you press the home key.
    I got my 2G in January '08 so had very little time to enjoy it before they announced the 3G, I last about 2 months after it came out and finally broke down and bought the faster one. Jesus, what a hold it puts on you.

    Oh, and I whole-heartedly agree au naturale is the way to go. However, I received one of those Ed Hardy cases for Christmas last year. Now, I actually found a case I have kept on for almost a year. The texture on the back is so pleasant to hold, and it doesn't slip as easy. It doesn't really protect it other than preventing slips. I wasn't keen on screen protectors other than the cool mirror ones, but I can't find those anymore.

    I included a link of the case I'm talking about as my URL, but this one is NOT for the iPhone and no me gusta Best Buy.
    Trust me, the texture, you won't want to go back.

    Anyway, Cheers

  13. Haha why would you accuse someone of faking a cracked screen? I don't get it.. anyway, it's pretty easy to repair this. You can get glass on ebay and do it yourself, or pay someone to do it. I got mine replaced by pcxmedics ( for $80 and they paid for shipping.

  14. I just did that to mine. Life over, i think so!

  15. Seriously, how can you be so careless with you're iphone? I've had mine for ages and I've never dropped it once.

  16. It’s pretty impressive that it was working, despite the broken glass. Guess that says something about the company’s touchscreen technology. But yeah, although it’s more fun to use your phone without a case, it’s quite necessary. And for added protection, it’s best to put a thin skin protector on the glass surface of your phone to protect it from scratches.