Directly below this post you should see a YouTube video embedded as the primary content. I found this video on YouTube and embedded it through the very nice auto-post feature found on every video in that site.

Somehow my "auto posting" this video has somehow flagged me as some sort of spam risk and added a text verification box to nearly every action that I take on blogger. Had I just copied and pasted code, I guess that I would still be trusted as being a human but my hitting submit on another site makes it possible that I'm a robot.



I've used the YouTube posting feature a few times on this blog in the past, and this sort of cross-pollenation tool is what I think defines the best of web 2.0 - I can use different services tools together to tell a story. I just wish that I could use these tools without being considered as some sort of slimeball.


  1. How does all that auto posting work, I saw it on your springwidgets site also. It is really neat, but what is going on. How is it doing that?

  2. Basically, certain sites offer up what is called an API (application protocol interface or application program interface).

    API's are instructions for letting other programs interacting with a program or site. In the case of Blogger, they have an open API that tells outside entities how to auto publish content into blogs.

    YouTube, Google video and our site all interact with blogger in this manner.