The Commodore 64 was much better

So, I found this video on Digg today where William Shatner is getting practice for his priceline gig by selling the Commodore Vic-20. The commercial is pretty good. William goes over the many featurs of the Vic, the games, the learning aspects and the true versatility that this system offers over the Atari 2600 game system, all for 300 bucks!

My personal preference is the 64, truely a better machine. The 64 was more powerful and more popular. Using the 64 ate up many cumulative hours of my life, and trained me somewhat for the career that I would eventually take. My 64 had a "Koala pad" which was basically a very early version of a wacom tablet. Yes, I could sketch on my 64 even if those sketches looked like giant icons. I think the max resolution was 128x128 pixels.

Recently there was a news item where a man captured and imprisoned a girl for 8 years. The police have the man's computer - a Commodore 64. Still in use by him for day to day computing. Because of his unique choice of computers, they will likely not be able to retrieve any useful information from his "hard drive" (um... 64k does not a hard drive make)

And a link to a whole slew of 64 commercials (just for fun ;-)

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