Time to buy Apple stock (AAPL)

Jan 23rd - I've left my original post below. But since the article is getting some traffic, I figured that the best thing to do would be to update the advice in the post that people were reading, so that you can take advantage of the situation developing.

AAPL is cheap. Flat out cheap.

The company is growing massively, expanding into multiple business lines on an ongoing basis. I was called crazy when I bought in when the stock was on the skids at a pre-split 8.61 a share. My broker actually talked me out of half of the order. He ended up costing me more than he could ever make back, so I dumped him.

The last few months have been high flying for AAPL. Admittedly, I really should have taken some off the table, but I'm not that kind of investor. I favor long term, slow reactions and have been up much higher than the market on average as a result.

AAPL is now at 140.00 a share... Down from 204.00 a share at it's high.

They beat this last quarter, they projected guidance that was less than the street's lofty expectations and got hammered for it.

You can read the transcript of the earnings report here. I think that after reading it, you'll come to the same conclusion that I have. This stock is a screaming buy.

I felt this stock was a buy at 200 or I would have sold it. I still feel that it's a buy.

Buy it now ar at any point while it's in this low period and you will make money. Just don't panic and get scared out.

- Don

Original article below:

Today, the "jobs" number came out... It's sucked. But in a funny way, that's a good thing. It means that we are indeed headed for, or possibly in a recession.

Why is that a good thing? It means that it's probable that the FED will get off their asses and start cuttng rates to help the economy like they should.

But it's especially a good thing because it's sending AAPL down to a level where it's not just possible to make some money by Macworld, but probable due to the "Jobs" effect of Macworld.

Buy AAPL now (or close to it) while the stock is at 188-191.00 a share and you will likely hit over 200 by Macworld, if you don't do anything else, just buy now and put in a sell order for 200 - an easy 5% in a week with little risk. If you play options you'll likely make much more. Sell at that time and walk away with the profits. Of course, you could do like I do and hold past Macworld for really long term gains. My first Apple buy was at a split adjusted 8.60 a share.

If you decide to hold, you will have to have the stomach for a rocky ride for the next year, but you'll likely make some serious money.

Many analysts are projecting high prices for Apple and I don't disagree, but remember that this year will suck for the consumer and that means there will be plenty of opportunities to grab this stock at a discount again - Though I hope not at this much of a discount.

Best of luck!



This stock hit into the 179.00 mark as the whole market was slammed - especially tech. I still believe in this stock and where it's going and I plan on keeping my long term holdings. The next week will be ugly. Again... if you can watch and time it, this is a great opportunity to play one of the great tech names at the perfect time.



Simply put, the last few days have been exceptionally hard on the market. Apple has not escaped this rough patch. It dipped as low as 168 before bouncing up for a day. With only a weekend and a day between now and Macworld, I'm thinking that there is not much chance to get in a bit lower than we are.

Good luck!



Wow... I apologize if anyone took my advice here. I flat out apologize. I've been right on many, many calls in the past, and the evidence all pointed towards a great win here for this stock at this time. But that was not, absolutely not, teh way that this cookie crumbled. The market, whatever issues factored into the product releases at Macworld and the fact that we are apparently going headlong into a recession all added up to one very bad pick at exactly this poorly times moment.

I do still own and plan on continuing to own, my AAPL stock. But understand that if you do because of me, you may be a bit pissed at me.

I guess that all I have to say is that earnings are coming very soon and this all may bounce back, but be careful, very, very careful.

Good luck!


UPDATE 4 - Jan 22

Nope... worst call I've made so far.

That said. I'm up 1500% in AAPL and have made this call right four years running. I had to be wrong once. I'll post a more detailed post about this and my take on the overall market soon. I'm going to put my head in the sand for a day or so.

Still long AAPL...

Good luck!


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